Saturday 5 September 2020

The Victorian Man

This blog, Notes From the Victorian Man , has a great array of posts, photos, and links for Men during the Victorian age.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

As an example of the kind of posts check out this one from August 2019.

Victorian Society of Alberta


Working Men, ca. 1880s

 One of my favorite sort of Victorian photographs to find are group photos of people done in the setting that the group gathers in (versus in a studio). More faces from the period for your money and generally more candid, showing a real moment from the time. Church, school, and family groups are exciting enough but there is something especially real about people photographed where they worked. I think this is the only one in my collection. By the suits on the boss men, it appears to be from sometime in the 1880s but could conceivably be early 1890s. Here is the full photo followed by detail shots of it divided into four quadrants. Lots of wonderful details of every day working guys. Hope you enjoy it and that it helps with your recreation of every day men's working dress at the end of the Victorian period if that is up your alley like it is mine.


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