Monday 11 October 2021

Happy Thanksgiving 2

From all of us to all of you, 

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Contented Pumpkin 

by Emma Garibaldi

The Garden Truck went on a strike
And made an awful racket;
The foolish Cabbage burst her head,
The Onion split his jacket.

The Peppers burned and Beets grew red,
While Kale growled like a sinner.
The Popcorn cried, "I'll never pop
For any creature's dinner."

The jolly Pumpkin laughed aloud,
With voice so rich and mellow,
"Why, that's just what you're planted for,
You foolish, selfish fellow.

"I've gathered all the sun and dew,
To plumpen me and sweeten,
So I can make the nicest pie
That one has ever eaten.

"And when they pass me twice around,
I'll feel I've done my duty,
If father says, 'Ma save them seeds,
That pumpkin was a beauty.' "

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