Tuesday 8 November 2022

November Book Tuesday

This month's Book Tuesday* is a series of annual collections of the British "Boy's Own Paper". This paper came out on Saturdays and cost one penny. Filled with adventure stories, games, puzzles, projects and articles of interest for "Boys", which seems to include anyone from age 5 to young adults!

The papers were collected and published in "Annuals" thick hardbound volumes. These are gold mines of information on late 19th Century Britain. The first annual was published for the papers in 1879. Weighing in at 618 pages it is a densely packed time capsule.

Hathitrust has online scans of all the annuals from 1879 to 1896.

The Internet archive has many full scans available for download as well. 

To give you a taste the 1891=92 edition of the annual is available for down load here.  It is a hefty PDF file clocking in at almost 490 MB of dense text.  

The Victorian Society of Alberta

*Well technically last Tuesday was the first Tuesday of November but I was recovering from Halloween 😁


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