Thursday 9 March 2023

Family Day at Military Museums "After Action Report"

The snowy Family Day event at the Military Museums on Feb 20, 2023 was excellent.
According to the main organizer that your Editor chatted with, this was a record crowd for their Family Day event.

The VSA had a great spot, right by the entrance to the theatre.

A varied and fascinating crowd came by to ask questions and listen to our spiel. Interestingly most of them were new Canadians, Ukrainians, Africans (I didn't ask which country they were from), Koreans and Filipinos. The questions were different than we usually get and they were always happy to hear about the history of Western Canada.

Your editor's "Victorian Internet" display attracted lots of interest and it click/clacked away all day.

Our tables were shared with the 10th Battalion WWI group.

A fun event with lots of interesting people to chat with about the telegraph and Western Canadian history.

I hope everyone had a good Family day as well.

The Victoria Society of Alberta

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